Creating a boutique beach resort on Brazil’s most coveted Island

What started out as a casual conversation in Miami with Hans Keeling quickly led to concrete plans to design, develop, and pre-open a sustainable, boutique resort on the Brazilian island of Florianópolis. Hans Keeling was an attorney in New York City but decided to leave the world of corporate law behind and pursue a life as an international real estate developer based on the sunny beaches of Florida.

Mr. Keeling had purchased over 75 acres of pristine coast on the Atlantic side of Santa Catarina, near Praia Mole. The island of Florianópolis has one of the highest standards of living in Brazil with a healthy tech industry and a growing tourism sector. For many years the island has been extremely popular among wealthy South Americans and only recently gained international acclaim. Once the land became entitled for a resort, Keeling looked to Majestic to improve the resort design, perform a feasibility study, raise capital, and manage the opening.

Senior Wellness Campus 2
The hotel is embedded into the hillside and takes every viewing angle into consideration.

Majestic Hospitality worked alongside architect Rory Stevens to update the master plan and design a world class beach resort that is eco-friendly, luxurious, and authentically Brazil. After spending time on the property, the team laid out a clear vision and model of the future resort and how it would fit into the island’s overall representation as an island getaway. Majestic was responsible for creating the financial models and the offering memorandum in order to raise interest among potential investors.

After an aggressive campaign to raise $35 million dollars in equity, the project was eventually put on hold as U.S. investors looked to other countries to invest and the total amount could not be raised. The rapid appreciation of the Real and the fear of costly development processes in Brazil had made the project unappealing for the time being. As the island’s tourism industry grows and country investment regulations ease, the Florianópolis wellness retreat will become a highly sought after project.

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